SoulCove Center for the Arts is proud to partner with the North Shore Folklore Theatre Company to bring a uniquely creative theatre to Manchester-by-the-Sea!

The mission of The North Shore Folklore Theatre Company is to foster and support the development of original, copyright-free theatrical projects and productions that are born of the historic and modern folklore of Cape Ann & the North Shore of Massachusetts. They welcome people of all ages, abilities and life experiences to participate in our programs.

Fiercely local, the company is a true community-supported theatre that values and promotes freedom and diversity, and nurtures the creative spirit that exists in all human beings. They offer a safe, inclusive, sacred space to explore, risk, and dream.

Henry Allen has a lifelong career as a theatre artist: folklorist, performer, director, writer, designer, producer and arts educator. A masters graduate of the National Theatre Conservatory and the founding director of the North Shore Folklore Theatre Company, Henry brings sensitivity and expertise to his mentorship of actors at all life’s stages, youth through senior.